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Fantasy, mysterious for storytellers, historical drama and modern supremacy, Russia is place which seems to be a work of fiction. Russia is romantic, place of storybook landscapes, castles and cathedrals. Feel and experience the warmth of the people and amazing sightseeing experience with Russia tour and travel package at Dook Travels. Travel to Russia and experience a country where extreme landscapes, diverse cultures and turbulent histories have coexisted for long. From Red square, the Kremlin, Old Arbat street in Moscow to beautiful canals and Baroque architectures of St. Petersburg, Russia fascinates and captivates all those who travel within its vast lands. Plan your tour and travel to Moscow, St. Petersburg and its other wonderful attractions with our Russia Holiday Packages. Take a holiday trip to Russia and get the lowest price with Dook Travels. Dook Travels offers you fascinating packages of Russia Tour for Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities at the best price and experience.