Frequently Asked Questions: DOOK Travels
  • How can I search a suitable package for me?

If you have finalized where to go for your holiday you can search relevant packages by entering Package Type (ie Domestic or International) and Destination in upper search box.

If you have not finalized your destination you can search a suitable holiday package as per you preferences trough lower search box.

  • How can I book a package?

You can select a package as per your preferences and click book now or send a filled up enquiry form for final quotation. You can also contact us on phone or visit our office and discuss your travel plan. Once you are satisfied with the itinerary you can make payment. Your booking will only be confirmed after full or partial payment as the case may be.

  • How can I make the payment?

You can make payments by any of the following-

- By Cheque

- By Cash

- By Demand Draft

- By Bank Transfer

Our Bank Details -

Bank Name : HDFC Bank           

Bank Branch : D-1,Shopping Centre No.2 , Vasant Vihar,  New Delhi – 110057

Beneficiary Name : Dook Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd

Beneficiary A/C Number : 00112020000960

IFSC Code : HDFC 0000011

Pan Number : AADCD5181B

  • How shall I get support in case of any trouble during my travel?
  • What is PAX?

Pax is the abbreviation used for the number of person travelling to a specific destination.

  • How can I get my bookings cancelled?

Cancellation policy for holiday packages is specific to particular package. For cancellation policy of a particular package see Package Detail page at bottom.

  • What is ‘Single Sharing’ or ‘Single Occupancy’?

Single Sharing’ or ‘Single Occupancy’ mean one person staying alone in a hotel room at a specific destination.

  • What is ‘Twin Sharing’?

‘Twin Sharing’ mean two persons sharing a single room in a hotel at a specific destination.

  • What is ‘Triple Sharing’?

‘Triple Sharing’ mean three persons sharing a single room in a hotel at a specific destination.

  • What is a ‘Meal Plan’?

‘Meal Plan’ refers to combination of meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) offered to you at hotel in your holiday package. Your package may include only Breakfast or Breakfast and Dinner or any other combination. Commonly offered plans are explained below:

Meal Plan Breakfast Lunch Dinner
European Plan  No No No
Continental Plan Yes No No
American Plan Yes Yes Yes
Modified American Plan Yes Any one of Lunch and Dinner




  • What CP stands for?

CP stands for Continental Plan. This plan includes only breakfasts.

  • What MAP stands for?

MAP stands for Modified American Plan. This plan includes breakfasts & dinners.

  • What AP stands for?

AP stands for American Plan. This plan includes breakfasts, lunches & dinners.

  • What EP stands for?

EP STANDS FOR European Plan. This plan does not include any meal.

  • What is CWB?

CWB stands for Child With Bed, i. e. a child for whom you need an extra bed in hotel room.

  • What is CNB?

CNB stands for Child No Bed, i.e. a child for whom you do not need an extra bed.